Upcoming & Past Events

Halihax Micro Event: Product-led Growth
Oct 26, 2023
Whether you're a PLG veteran or just embarking on your journey, the Halihax Product-Led Growth Networking Meetup promises an evening of connection, inspiration, and shared knowledge. Join us and be part of a vibrant Product community in Halifax!
Halihax Data Science Meetup
Oct 11, 2023
We'll feature talks from two speakers. First, an introduction to Modern Machine learning and it's future, followed by How does Shiny really work? A talk that explains Shiny's one weird trick to always infer the correct computation graph.
Halihax Frontend Meetup with HFX.js
Sep 27, 2023
We will have 2 talks from local engineers of varying experience, from senior engineers with years of experience in the field of web, to up-and-comers looking to get their start.
Halihax Micro Event: Empowering Women and Non-Binary Voices In Tech
Sep 21, 2023
Let's come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and uplift all voices in the tech community.
Halihax June Event Brought to you by HFX.js
Jun 14, 2023
Join us on June 14th for an evening focused on front-end and web tech brought to you by HFX.js