Halihax February Event Brought to you by HFX.js

Feb 15, 2023

We wanted a community where developers and designers of all skill-levels and interests could come together and freely discuss everything front-end. So we made it, it's called HFX.js. 

Are you into the latest design trends? Great! Do you want to share and hear about all things JavaScript? Perfect!

This event will have speakers with varying backgrounds discussing front-end, and web tech. We will have 3 lightning talks from up-and-coming techies, and full talks from senior engineers with years of experience in the field of web. We encourage students, hobbyist, and professionals alike to come and join in creating the most open, and inclusive front-end community we can!

This event will be held at the Wattpad offices in downtown Kjipuktuk (Halifax). There will be snacks and drinks for everyone.

Our Speakers

Rin Duggan 

Software Developer III @ Top Hat

Rin is trying to piece things together as she goes, just like anyone else. Things that are important to her: web accessibility, demystifying complex technological processes, particle physics, and her pets. Rin has worked with a lot of technologies, but React focused a lot of the time. She's parsed through a lot of dumpster fires. She loves breaking things down into their smallest parts, but gets frustrated when projects don't allow for putting the pieces back together in a way that makes sense. She's still learning how to put the pieces back together in a way that can make sense, satisfy customer's needs and in a timely manner. LinkedIn

Dale Wilson

Junior Full-Stack Developer - Actively Looking for Roles

Dale is currently finishing the Career Foundry boot camp and am eager to get out there and take the tech world by storm, or just get a job.

Omar Ashour

Full-stack Developer

Excited by the transformations happening in the web and the opportunity to create good design, Omar Ashour decided to jump into the world of web development after years of teaching music. He currently freelances as a full-stack developer and is always open to jump onto new and interesting projects.


Sarah Padovani

Web Team Lead @ REDspace

A standard nerd from an early age, Sarah's love for web development goes back to elementary school. From the humble beginnings of creating terrible table-based websites for school projects, Sarah has 10 years of industry experience as a full-stack web developer and manages a 6-person team. She specializes in JavaScript technologies and enjoys working with React, NextJS, Angular, and NodeJS.

GitHub, LinkedIn

Carly Cormier

Full Stack Web student @ NSCC

Currently studying for a post graduate certificate in Full Stack Application Development with Nova Scotia Community College. Furthermore, has a UX Design certificate with Digital Nova Scotia, and a degree in Fine Arts. Coming from a background in education, she has always had a love for visual arts and looking forward to what the future holds.



6:00pm – Doors Open

Come early to grab a beverage and socialize with others!

6:30 pm – Lightning Talks

Dale, Carly and Omar will talk about what they're learning and what excites them about front end development in their lightning talks 

7:15 pm - Presentations

Rin and Sarah will give presentations about their current focus involving front end development and web tech. 

8:30 pm - Socialize!

Spend some time socializing with the speakers and others in the community

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We'll let you know about upcoming events, speaking opportunities, or other important community news.