May 2021 Virtual Meet-up

May 25, 2021

Our Speakers

Fred Moyer

SRE, SLOgician, Observability Economist @ Zendesk

Fred is a Sr. Staff SRE and Observability Economist at Zendesk. Previously he worked as a Developer Evangelist at Circonus where he helped companies scale large operational telemetry systems and as a Principal Engineer at Turnitin where he scaled their web services. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two kids. He usually needs more sleep and more coffee.

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Alex Shulman

Senior Software Engineer @ Planet

Originally from Upstate NY, moved to SF after college. Went to school for semiconductor engineering and worked in E-Discovery before joining the founding team at Impossible Foods in 2013. At Impossible his team was a mix of MechEng + CompSci where they were responsible for building test equipment, designing data processing pipelines, and data warehousing the Lab/Manufacturing/Enterprise insights. After Impossible, he helped start/build while at Ouster. Alex joined Planet in January 2020 and moved to Utah into the Mountains thanks to Planet where he splits his free time between mountain biking, wheelin/crawlin, low angle skiing, and mountain snowmobiling.


The Rundown

7:00pm – Introductions & Welcome

We'll do a quick introduction and kick off the evening.

7:10 pm –  Fred Moyer: Latency and Availability Error Budgets Done Right at Scale

Learn how Zendesk developed formulas for implementing SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets at scale across a team of 1,000 engineers. Error Budgets tell us when we should stop working on features and instead work on reliability. Because we use them to prioritize expensive resources (not to mention protect our revenue streams), we want them to be as accurate as possible. How do you empower 1,000+ engineers to solve these problems correctly in systems at scale?

7:35 pm – Alex Shulman: Intro to Apache BEAM: What is it and why would I use it?

"Apache Beam is an open-source unified programming model to define and execute data processing pipelines, including ETL, batch, and stream processing." This talk will walk through the BEAM programming model, a high-level overview of what types of problems BEAM solves, a quick streaming word counting demo, and then dive into the BEAM pipelines he’s developed. At Ouster, Alex built a real-time streaming pipeline to collect/manage/store telemetry data from LIDAR mapping vehicles in the field via MQTT, Google Cloud IoT Core, Google Cloud Storage, and Dataflow. At Planet, they use one BEAM code-base to run a Batch ETL type pipeline and streaming pipeline.

8:00 pm - Networking event

Stick around for some Q&A with our speakers and network with the other attendees.

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