Compensation in the Halifax tech community 2021

The annual Halihax member survey asks members to report on their compensation, skills and how they are feeling in the community. We use this data to produce the compensation in the Halifax tech community report.This report is a review of our 2021 member survey data, where we take a look at both the current state and emerging trends we are seeing in the community.
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Our community grew by 35% this past year, let's take a look at the numbers.

** denotes a statistic that is new for the 2021 reporting year

1581 ( 810)
Community Members
177 ( 3)
2021 survey respondents
61 **
First time respondents

Diversity & inclusion

We took a closer look at who our members are, and how we can represent them better.

13.0 % ( 3.5)
Identify as a visible minority
1.1 % ( 0.57)
Identify as indigenous
2.8 % ( 1.6)
Identify as someone with a disability
Gender Identity

We asked respondents to choose the option they identify with in regards to gender.

Feeling of belonging

We asked respondents to rank how well they felt they belong in the Halihax community.

Job market

Our #jobs channel is used by employers and job seekers to showcase talent and opportunities that are available.

10.2 % ( 4.6)
Are actively seeking a new position
6.2 % ( 2.6)
Are seeking a new role within the next 6-12 months
28.8 % ( 6)
Posted a job listing to our #jobs channel last year
25.5 % ( 14.5)
Job posters attribute hiring their candidate through Halihax
7.3 % ( 6.3)
Respondents say were hired as a result of a job they found through Halihax

Salary & compensation insights

In this section we take a look at salary in comparison to other reported qualifications.

$108,000.00 ( $13.00)
Salary (median)
26.0 % ( 2.11)
Hold equity in the company that employs them
33.9 % ( 1.6)
Were awarded options as part of compensation
87.0 % ( - )
Receive health benefits
96.0 % ( 2.7)
Paid in CAD
75.0 % ( 5)
Believe they receive fair compensation
Annual Raises

Percentages and reasons behind raises in 2021

74.6 % ( 11.3)
Report receiving a raise in the last year
10.2 % ( 1.9)
Median raise percentage
Employment parameters

There are a number of factors that play into what a person is compensated. Stage, size, and location of company are key factors in determining what your potential salary could be.

1.5 ( 0.5)
Years in current role
10 ( 1)
Years of industry experience
32.0 % **
Are in a managerial role

Industry experience, median, of 10 years (↑ 1.0 years)‍

Quality of life

We often look at salary above all when it comes to employment, but it's important to rationalize it against other quality of life metrics.

Weekly work hours, median, of 40 (no change from 2020)

Remote vs co-located

The nature of working in a technology field is that you're able to work from almost anywhere that you can be connected to the internet. Often employers will pay based on a centralized pay scale.

Programming & technologies

77.2% of respondents touch code daily, let's take a look at what languages and technologies they're using.

Salary by primary programming language
Salary by seniority
Salary vs Annual Income

Where respondents provided both Salary and Annual income.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We've had another year impacted by a global pandemic. Here we take a look at the prolongued pandemic's impact on compensation and working arrangements.

Benefits and compensation

Some employers have adjusted benefits or compensation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A vast majority of respondents say their compensation has not been directly impacted.

Working arrangements

Large shifts have occurred both temporary and permanent to how people are working together.

Through the years

Since 2018 we've ran this yearly member survey in hopes of one day showing trends in the community. While we still only have a limited history, we can now take a look at the last few years of data to compare.

Check out results from previous years:

A comparison of median salary by programming language from 2018-2021

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