Halihax Annual Member Survey

Each year Halihax puts together a community survey to learn about the shifting landscape of the Halifax tech community. Over the years we have received a lot of supportive feedback from both community members, and employers operating locally, that this survey helps them better understand their local ecosystem. The survey is open to people of all backgrounds, roles, contract type, and income levels. If you feel something isn't applicable, you may choose to skip or provide the most appropriate answer available.

Halihax as an organization use this survey as a way to understand where we can offer support or programs that can enable or up-level our members, as well as an opportunity for you all to share feedback on how we're doing. The survey is anonymous and most questions can be optional.

The annual member survey is opened in Q4 of each year.

Survey is complete for 2023, review the report below

Compensation in the Halifax Technology Community Report

Using the data from our annual member survey we produce a report that represents the compensation, skills, and overall sentiment of the community. The report provides transparency to opportunity, compensation, and benefits of those working here either colocated or remotely.

The annual survey is typically made available each November.

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