Vote on Future Events

Vote for our next event! The following ideas have been shared by our volunteers and community, which would you like to happen next?

All ideas are in a randomized order so the voting is blind.

DevOps and Cloud Native

Talks about Kubernetes, Deployment architectures, Cloud computing, Networking and DNS, or other Cloud native discussions

Product Management
Product-led Growth

This would include talks about Analytics, Conversion optimization, Growth loops, Product-led Sales, and other topics

Starting Up

What's the first step in meeting a cofounder? How do you start your business entity? How can you approach fundraising? What to think about when making your first hire, and other topics

Software Development
Mobile Development

Building your first app, hybrid development frameworks, optimizing your backend for mobile, and more

Powerpoint Roulette

Various topics! Each participant is given a unique powerpoint presentation they haven't seen before and quickly need to pull together their talk track on the spot to share with the group.